Thursday, December 8

Anthony Joshua confirms he is trailing out trainers in America.

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Britain’s heavyweight star travelled to America to train in a series of gyms after losing his WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles in a points defeat by Usyk at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last month. Joshua says he is open to expanding his training team, but has not parted company with McCracken who guided him to two world title triumphs.

Asked if McCracken could remain his trainer, Joshua told IFLTV: “Yeah, and he has to speak to the people I may want to work with and see if he can work with them.

“I had the same conversation with Rob, ‘I want to work with you, but I also want to work with this guy for six months’.

“Rob might tell me, ‘You know what champ, this ain’t working for me. For the next six months, you do your thing and come and see me after. “It’s mature conversations. My life, my health is on the line.”

Joshua has spent time with some of the most respected trainers in the States as he plans to avenge his second professional defeat in next year’s rematch with Usyk. “I need to go and get some new teachings from guys that have trained – Robert Garcia trained 13, 14 world champions. “They’ve got so many generations of teachings.

“Virgil Hunter trained Andre Ward, a phenomenal fighter. Andre Berto, he’s worked with.

“I wanted to go around and be in an environment of fighters.

“Eddy Reynoso, ‘No boxing, no life.’ I love that saying. Canelo is obviously a phenomenal fighter.

“I watched him spar 12 rounds, asked certain questions.

“Ronnie Shields, another African American coach who has worked with the greats.”

But the 32-year-old will continue to base his training camp in Britain, ruling out a permanent switch to America.

“Listen, I don’t need anyone that’s going to make me,” said Joshua.

“I got myself to the championship. This is my 12th championship fight. I just need to keep on learning.”

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