Wednesday, July 6

100+ Latest Ankara Styles For Men and Women from Patlilly Fashion Collection.

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PATLILLY FASHION COLLECTION, is a home of fashion and for male and female Styles. this brand has been sitting on the fence together with her quality curves, holding on the brink of her African print. Fashion, though appreciated in little ways, was nothing on her top list of priority. Lately, this reality is not any more, with most male and woman becoming more conscious of fashion and African dresses styles.

This has resulted in additional and more creation of African dresses using kente, Ankara, Kaba and kitenge among other African prints. within the latest African dresses series, designers have focused more on precision and equipping the fashionable African woman with the proper designs that complement her curves, occupation and performance.

A fashion collection is a curated series of garments and accessories that can be worn together. Yours may consist of traditional pieces, such as tops, bottoms, and outerwear, or focus on a single product available in multiple colorways.

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