Thursday, March 23

Ekiti Catholic bishop cautions against electing incompetent people into political offices.

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The Catholic Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Felix Ajakaye, on Thursday advised Nigerians to elect into political offices, responsible, responsive and committed individuals capable of bringing about the needed economic growth and development and solving the increasing cases of kidnapping, banditry and terrorism.

Ajakaye said, “We need competent Nigerians to emerge as president and governors in the country for us to be able to be where we ought to be. For those agitating for zoning, the best must emerge from that zone to be Nigeria’s president, not a recycled, weak and incompetent person”.

The cleric spoke in a lecture titled, ‘Ekiti politics and the search for great leadership’ that he delivered at Prosperous Hotel and Resort Centre, Ado Ekiti, during the yearly lecture and awards of the Correspondents Chapel of Nigeria Union of Journalists, Ekiti State Council.

He said, “Whoever wants to be Nigeria’s president must be healthy, both in body and in mind. We are tired of a weak President and a strong Presidency. We shouldn’t allow mediocre to be leading us, if we allow that, then we are in serious trouble”.

Speaking on the 2022 governorship poll in Ekiti State, the cleric advised the electorate to “vote wisely and elect a governor that can give the citizens enduring legacies and not the cosmetic and momentary one”.

Ajakaye said, “I have also observed that it is when an election is coming that all manners of politicians begin to emerge, they will set up all manners of empowerment programmes and when the election is over, you won’t see them again. That is why we have to be careful.

“Again, whoever emerges as the winner in the election must avoid winner-takes-all mentality by accommodating members of the opposition and competent apolitical individuals in governance for effective delivery,” as he urged “Ekiti electorate to discourage vote-selling/buying,” the cleric said.

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