Monday, September 26

I can’t marry you fresh graduate tells boyfriend before his friends.

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Nigerian Fresh Graduate Rejects Boyfriend Proposal in Public, She Collected the Ring & Threw it Away in Video

A fresh graduate of TASUED caused a stir on campus as she turned down her boyfriend’s public proposal embarrassingly The lady received the ring from the kneeling boyfriend, threw it away and stormed off the scene amid laughter from her colleagues The dejected boyfriend remained on his knees still taking in the events that played before his eyes until he was helped up Your support matters.

Sustain independent journalism in Nigeria – contribute to A fresh graduate’s attempt at treating his university girlfriend to a surprise public marriage proposal ended in a sad fashion for him.

The Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu-Ode graduate saw his proposal rejected by the girlfriend. The boyfriend remained on the ground in shame

Photo Credit: Screengrabs from video shared by @ijeomadaisy

Source: Instagram In the video shared by Ijeoma Daisy on Instagram, the lady received the ring amid cheers, surprisingly threw it away and walked out on the boyfriend.

Her action triggered rapturous reactions from colleagues who witnessed the scene.

The embarrassed boyfriend remained on his knees until he was assisted to his feet by a lady behind

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