Monday, September 26

Man arrest for advertising self for sale for N20m.

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The Kano State Hisbah Board (Sharia Police) has arrested a 26-year-old man, Aliyu Idris, who wanted to sell himself for N20m because of hardship.

Idris had last week said he initially presented himself for sale in Kaduna, but moved to Kano after he could not find a buyer.

The board’s Commander General, Haruna Ibn Sina, who confirmed the arrest to the  British Broadcasting Corporation Hausa Service in an interview monitored in Kano, said what the young man did was unlawful.

He said, “Yes, we arrested the man yesterday (Tuesday) because what he did is unlawful in Islam. It is unlawful for anyone to sell himself in any situation one finds oneself.”

Idris, in an interview with Daily Trust last week, claimed that some people had offered to buy him for N10m, N5m and N300,000 in Kano, adding that he rejected the offers because they did not meet his expectation.

He noted that since his tailoring business failed due to a financial crisis, he had decided to offer himself for sale because he had no other means of surviving.

On what he would do with the N20m, Aliyu said, “I will give my parents N10m; I will give N5m as tax to the state where I will be bought; the person who helped in advertising me will be rewarded with N2m, while the remaining N3m will be kept for me by the person who buys me for my daily upkeep.”

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