Thursday, March 23

Cross and my father are Like twin – Yeni Kuti.

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Yeni Kuti, daughter and first child of legendary Fela Anikulakpo Kuti has publicly criticized BBNaijia’s Cross’ gut.

In a video excerpt, the female hosts of the popular TV programme ‘YOUR VIEW’ discussed the reality TV star’s ‘simple mistake’ of sharing a video of his nudes on social media.

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The biracial singer and dancer, Yeni Kuti in her analysis of Cross, noted he has thrown away the key of shame and likened his action to her late father’s.

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Recounting experiences from her childhood, she said when he was alive, he had the habit of strolling out naked not minding the presence of people.

She said: “Dolapo, there are people who have thrown the key of shame away. That guy, I don’t know the person, what do you call him? That he opened his dick. Maybe he has thrown away the key of shame. It’s up to him.

“Like my father, when my father was alive, my father can come out with his dick like this and everybody will see it. My father will not shame.” (sic)

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