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Nigeria will be great again I still love my country Nigeria.

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Nigeria will be great again I still love my country Nigeria.

Let’s Make Nigeria Great Again! Is a call-to-action, vigorous, dramatic and controversial project that does not just tell a story of what’s happening in the country. It tells history, it tells what’s happening today, and it also tells what’s going to happen in Nigeria. It urges all Nigerians and their well-wishers to wake up, dust themselves off, unite and make their lovely country, Nigeria Great Again!

The world always divides between those who see the glass as half full and those who see it as half empty … Nigeria could be unseated from its ‘romantic and powerful throne’, unless … it throws more light and weight on the precious glass the people of Nigeria and the rest of the world want to drink from. The Government needs to listen or …
Are things in Nigeria getting out of order?

Are you feeling the urge to kidnap the TV repairer and tie him/her to the bed because you are terrified the Television will stop working once he/she is gone? Welcome to ‘Let’s Make Nigeria Great Again!’. If you answered ‘yes’ to one or both questions, clearly this is your chance to get involved and make Nigeria a Greater Country! Find out how by reading this book/project.

Why not get involved in the task that must be done and share your opinions with other people around the world? This project wouldn’t be complete without your free contributions.
Something of interest – or is it?
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it probably is a duck. The so-called “Duck Test” suggests you can usually identify an unknown project or book from its general contents. It’s often reliable, but appearances can still deceive.

Thanks to every one for getting actively involved in making Nigeria Greater.
You rock the residents of Nigeria and the whole world!
– J K Monday Copyright © by J K Monday 2016 – Worldwide – All rights reserved

The rain is gone …
We can see clearly now… Let’s Make Nigeria Great Again! Get involved now!
Don’t say your pet dog ate your homework or that you forgot to do it!

Making Nigeria Great Again is a task that must be done!
Get involved and always remember that:
You are a special person to Nigeria. There is nobody else like you. There is nobody who can ever match you in what you can be and do. You bring a lot to Nigeria … and there is a lot for you to offer to Nigeria.
You are an important person to Nigeria. There are issues that you are influencing in important ways … or soon will. There is important good that you are doing in Nigeria … or soon will.

You are a needed person in Nigeria. There are people who look up to you … or soon will. There are people who depend upon you … or soon will. There are people that you are making all the difference in Nigeria for them … or soon will.
You are a valuable person in Nigeria. It is no accident that you are here in Nigeria. Nothing about you has ever been a mistake. You are here for a meaningful purpose and by design. Correspondingly, there is nobody who will ever be able to impact lives and mark Nigeria in the unique way that you can and will.

Now, there are probably plenty of times when you do not feel very special, important, needed, or valuable in Nigeria. And, the government of Nigeria and the people around you for whom you are most special, important, needed, and valuable … well, they probably don’t do a very good job of letting you know what you mean to them. But, just love them in spite of their shortcomings … and know within yourself that you ARE special, important, needed, and valuable, and that you can also play a role in making Nigeria greater.
May your life be filled with love and peace … may your troubles be replaced with many joys … And may Nigeria be Greater!

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