Saturday, May 21

Delaware University honored MumaGee Eke Degree of DOCTOR OF ARTS in MUSIC.

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The Doctor of Music degree is a higher doctorate awarded on the basis of a substantial portfolio of compositions and/or scholarly publications on music

The Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) is a doctoral academic degree in music. The DMA combines advanced studies in an applied area of specialization (usually music performance, music composition, or conducting) with graduate-level academic study in subjects such as music history, music theory, or music pedagogy.

In her post on Facebook with a word of appreciation,, Thank God for a successful ceremony yesterday the 30th of Oct. 2021, as The PROWESS UNIVERSITY, Delaware, USA, conferred on me the Degree of DOCTOR OF ARTS in MUSIC. You may hence officially refer to me as HIGH CHIEF DR. EKE MUMA GIFT, professionally MUMA GEE. God bless you and do have a blissful weekend.

Gift Iyumame Eke, professionally known as Muma Gee, meaning “do good Gift”, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, actress, businesswoman, fashion designer, television personality and politician. She was born, raised, and resides in Port Harcourt.

Congratulation MumaGee Eke.

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