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Chiemeka Chiedozie, an Executive Director of The Humane Global Network, an organization that cares for animals in Nigeria.  He is Nigerian Representative for Animals and Environment, acertified body by the Africa Network for Animal Welfare ANAW in Kenya, and accredited by the United Nations for Environment. Few years ago, he was World Animal Day Ambassador for Nigeria and Nigerian Representative for Direct Action Everywhere and Animal Bill of Rights in the US. Chiedozie has attended score of animal care related conferences organized by ANAW in Kenya and Ethiopia.

He is an observer and member participant for the World Federation for Animals, world Animal Net, Animal Advocacy, Africa, Heart Network, Humane Education Coalition etc. Recently, his organization has partnered different animal welfare organizations in Africa and across the continent, and became a reliable platform upon which he promotes animal welfare in Nigeria, especially to children below the ages of 19 years. His mission is to impart knowledge on the children, and guide them to love and ensure that animals receive proper care, treatment and respect, and endeavor to create awareness among the public about animal exploitation and abuse issues, have relevant information about the animal kingdom.

About 200 schools have benefited immensely from this project in the last ten years, especially schools in Alimosho Area in Lagos state. Given his ability in encouraging children to love and care for Animals, the Society for the
Welfare of Animal in Ghana had invited him to showcase his rich animal project in Ghana, and has got support from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA and Animal Aid, UK in
term of resource materials.

Chiemeka who prefers to be called Animal activist has been featured in national media platforms, Animal Times Magazine in the US and in other animal related magazines.

Walking in the heat of the sun to teach humane education Walking in the heat of the sun without a car to teach humane education in Nigerian schools was a remarkable experience I cannot forget in my entire life. It was indeed hectic with sweet all over my body like the inside of a kettle. For me it was what I wanted to do because of my passion and interest. Each day I set out to the schools, I had to go with my proposal introducing the humane education
lectures but in most cases, I had to talk to any of the teachers and they allowed me to have a talk with them without compromising because they love my

My main challenge then was a laptop and a projector to play my documentaries for the kids in their schools after seminar so I told the schools to always make provision for a television and a DVD player. This was the only way out for me to be able to play the share the world documentaries for them.. With that I was able to reach out to those schools after which I would arrange photographs with them with the school banners showing the names of the schools.

I was not having a smart phone then for the photograph so I employed the service of a photographer who was going to those schools with me…it was not easy at all but it was a huge success as the woman was patient and understood my vision. The schools that were not able to watch the documentaries, I took them to the zoo park where the kids can see and feel the animals In their natural habitat.

However, walking to those schools was a nice experience because I was able to relate to the kids well and became so popular in my community… I became to known to the extent that each time I walked In the street, I hear the kids called
me my name. despite walking in the heat of the sun, I never gave up my passion.. I was able to reached to two or three schools a day and in few years, I was able to reach a lot of schools.


Chiemeka Chiedozie, the Executive Director of The Humane Global Network In Nigeria and Africa is one man that is passionate about caring for animals. Chiemeka Chiedozie is passionate about animals. For many years, he has been
involved in caring for animals and that passion has led to the establishment of his
organization about five years ago.

Through his organization, Chiedozie promotes animal welfare in schools in Nigeria especially for children below the ages of 19 years. His mission is to impart knowledge to the children to have relevant information about animal kingdom and how to care for them.

Chiedozie who had been running this project for the past 10 years has taken the campaign to different schools at all level including the adults. Most of the times, after the lectures, I played my documentaries and take them to zoos to see the animals in their natural habitats.

Another reasons why I am taking campaign to schools is because already many children are aware that animals suffers a great deal in the factories, farms, laboratories as they are processed for nourishment, experiments, cleaning
products and cosmetics since a significant percentage of humans depend on animals; researchers have discovered that these animals are kept under deplorable conditions, often dragging themselves through their own excreta, left to suffer horrible untreated wounds, hunger, ear infections among others. In collaboration with other international bodies, I have choosen to partner with them to ensure that the kids are enlightened and catching them young to be
humane is my propriety.

Our Organization Teaches Children to Love
And Care for Animals’-Chiemeka, Founder,
The Humane Global Network

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