Friday, March 31

Cardi B acquires new home in New York City.

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American rapper Belcalis Almánzer, also known as Cardi B, has acquired a new home in her home city of New York.

The Grammy winner shared the news with a picture of herself in the new property, via her Instagram page on Wednesday.

In the post, the mother of two said buying the property was necessary due to the nature of her work, which meant a lot of travelling.

“These days I don’t just live in one place, I’m everywhere due to my work. One thing for sure I needed was a home in my home city of NY,

“I’m soo proud of myself. I work so hard for my children to be comfortable everywhere they are regardless of work,” she wrote in the caption.

The Bronx rapper who is married to a member of the Migos trio, Offset, said the couple had always dreamed of having a home in New York, alongside their other homes in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Despite her accomplishments, the WAP rapper revealed she still felt far from all the goals she plans on achieving.

“This is one dream I can cross off…..Let me know if ya’ll want a mini tour,” she added.

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The new purchase comes weeks after Cardi was gifted a hilltop mansion at the Dominican Republic by her husband,  for her 29th birthday celebration.

According to her, she had been telling Offset about her plans to invest in short term home rental properties in Caribbean vacation hot spots. While she felt he did not agree with her plans, he surprised her on her birthday after working with her father to buy the property.

“For one, I’m so happy that you were actually really listening to me and not just smiling and nodding your head so I could stop talking to you about it. Two, you don’t think my investment ideas are wack, and three, I love that you asked my dad to work with you on this.

“You and my dad (and the baby) are the most important men in my life and it makes me so happy that you guys are close and have your own bond and relationship,” she wrote.

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