Friday, March 31

We have begin LASER treatment for kidney stones – LASUTH.

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The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital has commenced the Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) treatment for kidney stones.

According to a statement on Wednesday, the hospital performed its first LASER Lithotripsy on October 28, 2021, making it the only state tertiary institution with a full upper tract endoscopic and LASER facility which could be accessible by the residents of Lagos State and its environs.

A Professor of Urology at LASUTH, Prof. Stephen Ikuerowo, said the treatment would save patients the pain of opening up their upper urinary tract during surgery.

He explained that the LASER treatment was deployed through the urinary tract of the patient where the stone is broken and flushed out.

The expert noted that the treatment of kidney stones in hospitals outside Nigeria takes a huge chunk from patients’ finances.

He, however, said patients in LASUTH would pay less than half of what obtains in private hospitals to treat the ailment.

Also, a Consultant Urologist in the hospital, Dr. Oluwaseun Akinola, said, “Before now, the care for kidney stones had not been readily accessible but the present management of LASUTH has now made it possible.

He said patients with kidney stones now have access to more affordable health care, fewer scars and faster recovery rate.

The Urologist stressed the importance of drinking sufficient water, saying, “the general public are advised to care for themselves by making it a habit to drink at least three liters of water on a daily basis, since ninety per cent of kidney stone cases are caused by dehydration.”

“People should also reduce salt intake and generally maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Nigerians must also form the habit of visiting the hospital immediately they feel abnormal pains because if left untreated, kidney stones could develop into serious diseases that may cause total kidney collapse and eventual loss.”

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