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Fans hit Taaoma visit to Osinbajo

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Social media users have descended on some young skit makers who paid a courtesy visit to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

The Vice President on Wednesday paid host to the team of young skit practitioners at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The delegation, which came under the aegis of the Nigeria Skits Industry Awards (NSIA), was led by its promoter, Bimbo Daramola.

Those on the delegation were Maryam Apaokagi popularly known as Taooma; Josh Alfred (Josh2funny); Ayo Ajewole (Woli Agba); Adebamiro Adeyanju (Mr Hyenana) and Adeoye Adeyemi Elesho (Yemi Elesho).

Osinbajo urged skit comedians to use their huge followings on social media to promote issues for the social good and impact.

He also said the Federal Government would continue to create an enabling environment for the growth and development of youths.

Social media users have bashed the skit makers, especially Taooma, Woli Agba and Josh2funny for the visit.

They referred to them as ‘hypocrites’ who would rather collect envelopes that stick to their guns.

They however praised Mr Macaroni for not attending the meeting, describing him as a ‘worthy fighter.’

officialsmarteagle stated: “Odikwaegwu. Stomach infrastructure Alias where belle face group of hypocritical youths and comedians. If your visit to VP is for our own benefits Mr Macaroni would be there. Shey na VP ban Twitter? Abi you no dey this country to know that VP no get power since he resume office, na only burial Buhari dey send am go. Tao abeg no come explain wetin we no ask you, hold your peace. We no send una to go negotiate in our behalf they can set up question and answer section like they did in 2015 when they were campaigning. Las las we know who dey our back and we know judas too.”

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im_ife wrote: “I’ve never known the Nigerian Govt to be reasonable so this meeting dey surprise me. If this isn’t hypocrisy. If you claim to be so angry with them I don’t think you will grant any interview. If you lost a loved one, I don’t think you’ll have the strength to smile with them. Your intentions might be genuine I can’t speak for you but as for the govt I can never trust them. Elections are near and all they need from you guys with a large audience is just what you guys just did. Before the end sars protest, didn’t some youths meet with them?? Did it stop the shooting? Let’s be rational abeg.”

sweetsophieeee asked: “Abeg you collect envelope abi you no collect envelope.”

king_diamond123 wrote: “I hate when most of you feel comfortable around the wicked una no Dey fear God ni ? Lori vanity upon vanity yi sha @woliagba_ayoajewole.”

waistlinezero said: “I just hope u all didn’t go there to collect ur own envelope …. Otherwise God will punish u all that were present there. AMEN… open ur mouth and list all the problems we’re facing.”

kel___vinn stated: “Really why not tell us about the envelope you were giving to betray your fellow youths yeyebrity oshi.”

Happioflagos wrote: “You shouldn’t be there. Hungryfluencer! Later you will step out to say “Who gave the order”! If you are for us, stand for us but u are against us, Spell it out !! Rubbish

djtoyah said: “I don’t want to hear anything from you…. you’re A bad influencer. And I will call you woli Alatenuje if it’s what I’m thinking.”

deyinkaoflagos asked: “@mrmacaroni1 was very active last year and this year! Why wasn’t he at the meeting? Was he not informed too???”

sheyihfunmi stated: “If I may ask, why was macaroni not there? He obviously fights for the youth, yes! The fact that he’s not even there means a whole lot. Just stating respectfully!”

oyinlee wrote: “But why was mr macaroni not invited? All these things have consequences and this govt is a tricky one. @mrmacaroni1 our love just grew.”

mirabelle_brownie said: “I heard you people presented Osibanjo an award. You all disgust me.”

laniandlaw wrote: “Did you ask them who ordered the shooting? Macaroni didn’t suffer for you gluttons to seat with the same people on a round table. You fall hand. You fell off.”

official_freshprince asked: “Uhmmmmm Uhmmmmm Uhmmmmmm Uhmmmmmm which way Nigerian youths? When will we learn to reject these carrots dangled at us every 4 years?”

empressbuju stated: “@taaooma ur mouth Dey sharp Cos you done collect envelope Rubbish, i done kuku unfollow u , After gistlover dragged you guys una come Dey post Dey do Oju aye.

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