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How to Control Sex Feelings tips you Should know.

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A high sex drive may be due to changes in hormone levels, your age, or an increase in exercise. Increased libido can also be a result of lower stress levels or stopping certain medications. If you feel your libido is harming your relationships or career, reach out to a sex therapist.

Sex is so much more than just inserting the penis into the vagina. Oral sex, masturbation or self-sex- all these are facets of this pleasurable activity shared between two people with an intimate bond. Still, sex is considered taboo in many societies and often brushed under the carpet. So should we not have sexual feelings? No. Should you control sexual urges when they crop up from time to time? Find out here!

First, it’s Totally Normal to Think About Sex

We’re sure you also experienced immense amounts of misinformation surrounding sex and sexual feelings growing up. So let’s make this explicitly clear- It is entirely normal to think about sex from time to time. Here’s the truth about sex. It is an enjoyable activity between consenting adults and has multiple health benefits as well! Sexual feelings are entirely natural but not universal. Not all men may harbour sexual feelings, and that’s normal too.

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How to Control Sex Feelings?

Sexual feelings are fundamental human nature. However, if you are wondering how to control sex emotions, then we have listed a few ways that can help:

Exercise to control sex feelings

Men can channel their sexual energies through exercise. Going for a daily jog or playing a daily sport will consume your extra energy and help you feel good. Exercise also assists in building stronger willpower.

Creative outlets to control sex feelings

Channel your sexual urges into finding creative outlets that distract you from thinking about sex. This will also help you engage in creative thought and provide you with great personal satisfaction. You can try reading a novel, listening to podcasts or gardening.

Will power to control sex feelings

Your mind is more powerful than your body. Exercising willpower will help you in controlling sexual urges through healthy distraction. You can set up daily reminders or practice daily affirmations to build your willpower.

How to Control Sex Feelings Before Marriage?

  • Avoid getting into tempting situations where you find yourself alone with your partner. You can do that by making sure that you meet them in open and public spaces.
  • Think about your reasons and consequences if you find yourself tempted to indulge in sexual feelings before marriage. Reminding yourself about why you want to refrain from having sex can help you ground yourself.
  • An accountability partner or circle can help you control your sexual urges. Find people who encourage you to refrain from your sexual desires and support your choice.

How to Control Sex Feelings After Marriage?

Many times your partner might not want to indulge in sex due to workload or tiredness. This might make you wonder about how to reduce sex feelings.


Tell them how you feel and try to find a solution together. If they can pinpoint a problem (stress, increased workload, time management), then you can actively try to find an answer that benefits you both.

Track libido levels

If you feel that you or your partner have low libido, you can undergo a medical examination. A sudden drop in libido can have undiagnosed medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Moreover, it can be a side effect of certain medications like antidepressants, birth control pills, etc. However, do not worry as you can increase libido levels naturally by following some basic steps.

Distract yourself

This could either be with work or engaging your mind in envisioning a better future for you and your partner. You can try to direct your energy in working hard and building a better future for your family.

Why Do I Always Think About Sex?

When men go through puberty, they often find themselves thinking about sex more than usual. This often makes them question how to avoid sexual feelings. However, the truth is that hormones affect your body and make men more curious about sex. You might find yourself sexually attracted to certain people and interested in new sensations.

It is essential to explore your sexual urges safely and healthily. Take your time before indulging in sex, and act on it when you feel ready.

Why Is My Sex Drive So High?

  • Changes in hormone levels like testosterone can heighten your sexual desires. These fluctuations happen daily and are pretty normal.
  • If you are going through puberty, your testosterone levels will increase ten times. This explains an increase in interest in sex during adolescence.
  • If you have newly found yourself in a healthy sexual relationship, it is normal to experience a boost in your libido.

How Often Do Girls Want Sex?

Women think about sex as much as men do. Ladies think about sex an average of 18.6 times a day, according to research. Sexual desire is a basic urge for men and women. Contrary to the popular myth, women equally enjoy indulging in safe and consensual sexual activities.

Why Do Men Want Sex So Much?

Studies have found that the majority of men under 60 think about sex at least once a day. Some men experience sex differently and express their vulnerable side through intimacy. There is a distinction between having a healthy sex drive and overdrive. Sexual obsession, on the other hand, is addictive and should be managed through professional help.

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How to Avoid Sexual Feelings?

  • Sexual urge is essentially an urge that needs to be released. You can try to focus your mind and practice meditation to calm your misdirected energy and help you understand how to control sex mood.
  • Understand the meaning of intimacy. Often our body craves emotional intimacy and connection with people. Replace your physical desire with emotional connections.  

Male vs Female Myths

A common stereotype states that men have higher sex drives than females. However, research reports that heterosexual women are often more interested in sex than their male partners. Some men may think about sex more than women, but a generalisation doesn’t hold for all.

So, Should You Control Sex Feelings?

It is not necessary to control sexual feelings every time they occur. A healthy libido and sex drive is an indicator of general well being after all. However, you must exercise control over your sexual feelings if they hamper your day-to-day functioning and affect your social relationships negatively.

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