Tuesday, November 29

18th Abuja International Film Festival, Full list of winners.

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The 18th Abuja International Film Festival, which held last Thursday in Abuja, attracted several film practitioners locally and globally.

Here is a full list of the winners at the award ceremony:

· Efere Ozako Outstanding Experimental Film

Winner ‘Selftheraphy’ Belgium

· Outstanding short film (Nigeria)

Winner Peter Fada ‘Soja’

· Outstanding feature film (Foreign)

Winner Mucho Wang, Fangmin Wang _China ‘Love Laboratory’

· Outstanding feature film (Nigeria)

Winner Papel Paul Papel ‘Eagles Wings’

· Outstanding short film (Foreign)

Ralph Isenberg-United States ‘Four Motherless Children’

· Outstanding male actor

Winner Efa Iwara-Nigeria ‘Lockdown Heat’

· Outstanding female actor

Winner Nse Ikpe Etim-Nigeria ‘The Wait”

· Outstanding films music score

Winner ‘Tara’s Diary’ Nigeria

· Outstanding film directing

Winner ‘Balokun’ Olamide Wale Akimolayan-Nigeria

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