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The Top Digital Platforms to Upload, Share, and Promote Your Music

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There is no doubt how the internet has transformed the landscape of today’s music industry.

Unlike the old times, musicians particularly the independent artists now have the opportunity to promote their own work and gain exposure across a number of online platforms. Today there a variety of free music promotion sites which offer a fantastic platform for new artists in the music industry to build substantial followers and get their music heard by more people.

The Best Online Platforms to Promote Your Music

So, how do you begin building a new audience? As streaming has become the dominant form of music consumption today, this provides you the opportunity to promote your music online and generate exposure, recognition and feedback.

Here are the top 11 best websites that will help expand your new music’s reach to a larger audience:


One of the leading social audio platforms, SoundCloud lets users listen to and share new music


As a fan-friendly audio streaming platform, Audiomack is one of the best websites to upload music for free. The site allows limitless and effortless sharing of music and offers excellent opportunity for new artists to gain visibility and reach out to larger audiences.


Due to its tremendous popularity YouTube is a great platform for rising artists to gain fans by crafting appealing music videos.


Bandcamp is considered the most independent musician-friendly audio platforms. An excellent free site to upload music and share music to your fans, with Bandcamp artists account is free plus it allows you to earn money out of your music. Over the years, the site has also helped plenty of artists gain recognition so give your music your best shot and go big.


NoiseTrade is big when it comes to new artists hoping to make connections to targeted fans. It lets new artists upload and share their music for free and fans can stream them at no cost in exchange of little information and an option to give their favorite artists tips or donation. Unlike other sound platforms it allows virtually limitless downloads and that’s primarily why it’s currently one of the top 10 music download websites.


You probably know Reddit as a forum site, but there’s more to this site where viral stuff often get started. With a community of passionate and dedicated users, joining in the Reddit community can offer a great opportunity to share and promote your new music.


Although relatively a new player in the music scene, Dozmia can be a powerful site for startup musicians. Dozmia aims to promote quality new music to true music fans and that’s an awesome way right there to promote your music.


As people are now more into social media, the social media websites offer a superb digital platform for new artists to gain exposure and attract their own fan base.


A popular online radio platform, Pandora can be an excellent way for new artists to get their fresh music heard across new fans and gather more exposure.


Boasting its ability to offer high definition and quality music streaming services, TIDAL is making headlines in the digital music scene. So if you want to generate more exposure to a huge fan following you can take advantage of Tidal.


Spotify is the king when it comes to music streaming today. Having your music uploaded to Spotify is a good idea to establish your music and make yourself look official. It is also one of the best platforms to use to be accessible to a growing fanbase.

12. iTunes

Anybody who has listened to music this century is aware of the monster that is iTunes. If you’re a member of the select group of consumers who truly believe in financially supporting the work of their favorite artists, iTunes is your music mecca. The platform continues to evolve with Apple constantly innovating as a technological giant (see Apple Music), and although streaming is the current king of music intake, music libraries of longtime iTunes users are still seeing plenty of action

13. Personal website

Despite all of these qualified music platforms, all serious musicians need a personal website that prominently displays their latest and greatest music. You’ll most likely be using one of the aforementioned selections to upload your tracks, but having your music on each of these nine platforms and not on your own website is a recipe for disaster. As a rising artist, it’s smart to have your music centralized in a few prominent places as opposed to throwing a dozen different links at fans and press. And out of all these options, maintaining a sharp, up-to-date website is perhaps the most vital. When you start to draw bigger and more influential figures to your catalog, rest assured that your website will be one of their first visits.

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