Thursday, December 8

Diary of Death (2021) Part 5

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The prince (Yul Edochie) rushed back to the states immediately after the burial of his father king to go tidy up some things. He stayed longer than expected as the throne of his fathers was empty and was seriously under threat cos of his long stays outside.

His mother the queen (Rita Arum) could not get him back after much pressure but was later achieved that through his wife(Mary Igwe).  He died the very day he was supposed to come back and yet made sure he still got home for his People to see him.

his sister (Lizzygold Onuwaje) and all the elders with the welcome party Ogene singers already singing praises to him but then, it was just the gateman (Stanley Okoro. RIP❤️)  was the only one seeing a ghost in a human. 

He came back for a mission but the gateman seem to know something about others doesn’t know. let’s find out from the movie.

Starring: Yul Edochie, Rita Arum, Mary Igwe, Lizzygold Onuwaje, Stanley Okoro (Rip)

Executive Producer: Jonas Izuegbu

Director: Goodnews Eriko Isika

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