Tuesday, November 29

Gulder Ultimate Search: Iniabasi Umoren, Emmanuel Nnebe evicted

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The season 12 of Gulder Ultimate Search is fast taking a new twist as Clan Amo lost their team lead, Emmanuel Nnebe, after a disappointing performance on the task ground.

At the place of the talking drum, Toke Makinwa gave them a hint that they should have observed during the task.

Each wooden piece was numbered, and their corresponding spots were numbered too. If they had noticed it, they would have had an easy run during their task.

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A member of the clan, Tosin, complained that his opinions were ignored and he felt alienated. Emmanuel Nnebe tried to justify making Jennifer the engineer as the team lead, but it all seemed like an excuse. Toke pointed out that Clan Amo’s had a teamwork problem, which led to their failure.

At the end of the game, Emmanuel Nnebe could not answer a question correctly, and he was evicted from the show.

In another twist, Iniabasi Umoren was also shown the way out.

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Toke Makinwa asked each member of Clan Amo to write down what was missing in the Rope-A-Dope Task. Osasere was able to identify what was missing – the letter S. On the puzzle board, the clans spelt ‘craftmanship’ instead of ‘craftsmanship’. Ishmael and Jennifer didn’t identify what was missing correctly, but they at least wrote something down. Iniabasi was unable to put down anything, and he was evicted from the show.

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