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17 types of kisses and meanings

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Kissing is said to be a universally loved act.

It has also been proven scientifically that kissing has many health benefits. They vary from burning of calories and aiding in glowing up your skin among many other benefits.

Now we do kiss pretty often in different forms. Sometimes we kiss our parents, our siblings, friends or even our special someone.

It is a very beautiful form of expressing love. At times when we can’t find words to express, gestures like kissing always comes to the rescue.

For those who don’t really know, every kiss has a different meaning to it. It is obvious that while kissing, you may not think of what it meant. But you could use this knowledge the next time your partner kisses you.

You will know what he expects or what his or her thoughts are.

So here we have listed down the 17 different types of kisses and their meaning for your utmost relish and enlightenment. You will be surprised know:

Air kiss

Air-kissing is a social gesture that involves pursing your lips and leaning in as if you’re kissing, but without actually touching the other person’s cheek (the little “mwah” sound is optional).

It can be a hello or a goodbye. It basically communicates endearment—like, something you may do with a friend or family member when you’re saying goodbye.

Back kiss

This kiss means your partner wants more than just kisses.

The back kiss can be done only in a private space. It heats up the moment and things will escalate quickly.

Try this kiss only if you are ready to take things forward.

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Bite kiss

Kissing and playful biting on the lips, cheeks, jawline, collarbone, or neck can be really tantalising.

While it makes for a seductive first-time hookup, introduce the idea slowly.

Go easy to start and you’ll know if it’s well-received but if the person pulls back, then it’s off the table.

Body kiss

Besides the neck, there are tons of other areas on the body worth kissing, including the chest, stomach, torso, feet, and booty. All this depends on an individual’s sexual preferences and ticklish meter.

Remember, what feels good to one person might not feel good to another.

If you really pay attention to your partner’s body language, you’re going to get a lot of information.

Butterfly kiss

The fluttering of butterfly and the batting of eyelids is synonymous.

The Butterfly kiss is cute and absolutely adorable. No lips are involved. The woman comes close to the man and presses her eyes on his face. The next step is to bat your eyelashes just like how a butterfly flies.

This kiss is more romantic than sexy. You both can also connect both your eyes and blink. The touch of the eyelashes is what makes this gesture adorable.

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Cheek kiss

Very popular in Europe, one or two light kisses on the cheek is a friendly greeting that says “happy to see you” between friends, family, partners, and sometimes, strangers.

But when it happens with a romantic partner on a post-date, assume it’s their respectful way of telling you “they had a great time, but want to take things slow.”

Drink kiss

Do you have a date planned with your special someone? If yes, you must definitely try the ‘Drink kiss’.

This involves taking a sip of your favourite drink and kissing your partner to pass on the drink from your mouth.

It is unique and exciting right tells you are much comfortable with your partner and find them rally attractive.RELATED POSTS

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Ear kiss

Most women state that they love it when their partners kiss on the ears. Slowly kissing her tight, then placing kiss on her ears is surely to turn her on.

Ears are most women’s sensitive area. And kissing on the ears mean, the love is deep and intense.

So what are you waiting for now? If you have your partner right beside you, kiss him like there is no tomorrow and bring back the spark.

Eskimo kiss

Some think it’s corny but some couples love to rub noses because it’s “their thing” and unique to their relationship.

There’s no lip-touching in an Eskimo kiss but it’s intimate without being sexual.

Forehead kiss

The forehead kiss is atypical, which makes it more memorable. Not only is it compassionate and warm, but it communicates love in a non-sexual way.

The gesture is typically reserved for someone special, like someone you’re really feeling.

French kiss

The open-mouth kiss with tongue is all types of erotic as there’s almost no other kiss that connects two people more.

Lizard kiss

The Lizard kiss involves just tongues and that’s it. The lizard kiss

It is an unconventional type of foreplay that intimate partners really find sexy and goes to show that they are into each other and want even more at that time.

Neck kiss

Neck kisses are highly depicted in movies and most often referenced in romantic novels but they’re even more sensual in real life.

The neck is an underrated erogenous zone full of delicate, sensitive nerve endings, making for very fiery foreplay especially for women.

Royal hand kiss

A person kissing the top of another’s offered hand is the most formal of kisses.

The traditional ritual doesn’t imply affection but it’s more of a polite and respectful greeting among strangers meeting for the first time.

Single lip kiss

This seductive, warm-up move involves kissing the person’s bottom lip while they kiss your top lip (or vice-versa).

The single lip kiss is a playful tease; an offer that maybe there’s more to come.

Spiderman kiss

The Spiderman kiss got its name from the movie. Since then it has become quite popular.

It is a kiss where the man’s head is upside down and the lady kisses in that position.

You will feel your partner’s breath and that makes the moment romantic and intense.

Stop and go kiss

If you are out for a long drive, this kiss should definitely be tried.

On your journey, whenever your vehicle halts at traffic point, just make the most of that moment and seize a passionate, quick kiss. It is pretty adventurous.

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