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What People With Big Busts Want You To Know

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Bust size is usually determined by a mix of genetic and environmental factors. They are considered large based on the woman; her size, body shape and preference. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and when the busts start to produce milk may also cause busts to get bigger.

1. They experience back pain

Having large busts is not as fun as many assume (associating it with s£x appeal). Carrying the extra weight may impact a woman’s health in several ways, some of which would be discussed in this article.

2. Engaging in physical exercises can be challenging

Having big busts can feel like a workout from day to day. Large busts can hamper your fitness and exercise efforts because they can hinder your movement, cause a lot of pain not only in your chest but in your back as well because it’s supporting much of the weight while you are exercising.

3. Breastfeeding can be tasky

Bust-related neck, shoulder, or back pain is caused from changes in the center of gravity or normal body alignment. Large, heavy busts pull a woman’s upper body forward, which can cause continuous tension on the neck, shoulder, and back muscles

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Breastfeeding with large busts can require creative problem-solving. When nursing from a big bust, women may need to spend some time trying different breastfeeding positions until they find one that works well.

4. They may have rashes

Bigger busts create the perfect environment for rashes to form beneath them. Your busts will rub against the skin on your abdomen, causing friction, moisture and heat. A sweat rash known as intertrigo, an infection caused by a yeast condition, will form. It will appear in the skin fold as red or reddish-brown, raw and itchy, cracked, and sore. 

Larger busts also cause shortness of breath, which can be a contributing factor to quitting training. The weight of the excess tissue can constrict the natural movement of the diaphragm. Image credit:

5. Sleeping is less enjoyable

Unlike those with smaller busts that can frequently change positions while sleeping, sleeping on the back may be the best bet for those with big busts. In this way, their busts won’t be underneath them (when sleeping on their stomach) or in between their arms (when sleeping on their back) where they’ll get in the way and make it harder to sleep comfortably.

6. Their mental health may be impacted

According to research published in the medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), most women are usually unhappy and embarrassed with their big busts. They are often dissatisfied with their busts due to unwanted attention they get, social media and the pressure to look a certain way.

The results of this study reflect the rising rates of body dysmorphia and plastic surgery levels among young women, as well as the mental health issues that come with low self-esteem and feeling physically inadequate.

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