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SAD: Housemaid arrested after CCTV Caught Her sleeping with her boss 10-year-old son (Watch)

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A 24 years old maid Identified as Esther Emmanuel has been arrested by River State Police Command over the immoral act she has been engaged with 4 Years Old boy who is her employee’s son.

According to the report it was revealed that this lady in question returned from Canada 3 month ago as maid to live with the family but along the line she was caught molesting her employee’s son who is just 4years old.


HOUSEMAIDS; Positive and Negative Effects on Family

Traditionally, Mothers are primarily house wives or home helpers. Their major and basic duties included: 

Bearing of, rearing of and taking care of the children, cooking for the family and serving the husband who is the master and provider of the home. They were rarely working class mothers, thus the house chores were carried out by them. 

The situation of things in the recent part make having a housemaid a necessity. Keeping up with all household chores is often a burden even where children are not involved. Worse still, when you have children, the need to employ someone becomes obvious. There is a prevalent saying which states that “we eat bitter leaf not because of its taste but because of its medicinal value”.

A Housemaid therefore is a female who cleans and does other works in someone else’s house.

Do having a housemaid is a welcome development

Unfortunately, many of our Christain Mothers see the maids as dregs of the society. They are often exploited by some mothers in Favor of cheap labor. 

Positively; a good housemaid takes the home as hers especially when she lives with a good employer. She takes responsibility of all house chores, bath the children, do the cooking, wash clothes cheerfully without “obsessive ambition”

Negativity; there is no doubt that a maid who is allowed total responsibility of the home especially when the ‘madam’ is very lazy might fragrantly abuse the privilege.


A good housemaid turned ‘bad’ may plot to usurp the ‘madam’ of the house.

Some women delegate their basic responsibilities to the extent that they don’t take good care of their children. They neglect their responsibilities to their husband thereby exposing them to the necessary ills like seeking and seeking pleasure outside and may no doubt be making clandestine moves at the night to meet with the housemaid. May housemaid have fallen in love or raped by their masters.

Some even have children for their masters not Because they wanted to but because the ‘madam’ of the house is so careless, carefree, non-chalet, lazy and or irresponsible. 

When you instruct your maid to sweep the masters bedroom, wash his clothes, wash the car, cook for him serve him at the dining and even escort ‘’oga” to his car while he is set to leave for work- WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? “HE WILL GIVE TO SHE WHO GIVES HIM”

Most housemaids who are left with the total responsibility of running the affairs of the home end up wrecking the said home. And while this is going on, the family is chemically and genetically damaged but they do not realize it. The tragedy is hug, the senselessness of the act turns out to be huge as well. 

The Children are not to be left out in this saga. It is known fact that the children in such homes, where the sacrificial lamb (The maid) does everything turn out to become lazy, indolent, careless, unable to take care of themselves, always dependent on the housemaid on everything and some are eventually corrupted and at time initiated by bad housemaids. Some are even abused sexually and destroyed emotionally.

Worst still, some of their female children find it difficult to adjust and manage their homes when married because they were not given enough time to learn some household chores.


Mothers should remember their duties as housewives as as mothers.

Mothers should realize that the responsibility of bringing up the children is their God-given assignment.

With all that is happening in our society currently, especially when it comes to home affairs and series of rape cases, our Mothers have to sit up and take caution.

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