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10 Honest Reasons Why You’re Still Single

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Are you single, thinking that it’s about time you found the love of your life? Or are you single and absolutely happy, but still wondering why relationships evade you? There are reasons you are feeling the way you do, some of them are quite obvious, while others are subtle and hard to pinpoint. Whether you are content the way you are or in desperate need for a change, here are 10 honest reasons why you’re still single.

You simply like it that way
Sometimes it’s not about being lazy or scared to date, some women just like flying solo! It’s a different lifestyle and you might just be one of those girls who prefer to spend time on work, friends, hobbies, and travels rather than on building relationships. In that case, why are you even surprised you don’t have a boyfriend if dating doesn’t interest you at all? Be adventurous, find time for a date or two, and see where it takes you. That is, if you want to, of course.

You’re not over someone
This one is pretty easy, but only if you can be totally honest with yourself. Do you still have feelings for your ex or that cute co-worker who has been ignoring you for ages? Things like this make you feel miserable and you don’t really enjoy any new connections that might or might not turn into relationships. You have to sort things out with past relationships before meeting other people!

You’re looking for The One
This is totally understandable and is not a bad thing at all, but you have to be careful with setting your standards too high. After all, the more people we meet, the more experienced we get and the more understanding we have about ourselves, our needs, and the needs of other people. You might meet someone that is not Prince Charming, but in the end he might turn out to be your greatest teacher. Don’t deny yourself the chance to learn from other people!


You’re afraid to get hurt
And aren’t we all, really? Conquering that fear and revealing yourself to another person is what makes love and relationships so beautiful. You can’t become intimate with someone, both physically and psychologically, if you keep your walls up. Open up to the world and people around you, be sincere about what you feel and what you want – and you’ll see how much happier you’ll become, no matter single or not.

You hate first dates
Dating someone for the first time can be awfully awkward and end in many equally awkward ways. You’ve probably had your fair share of first, second, and even third dates to know that almost nothing good comes out of them. But that’s the thing – sometimes it does! The magic happens and two people genuinely fall for each other. You might be discouraged by dating, but don’t give up just yet. Maybe you just need a different approach? Try chatting with your future-to-be-boyfriend for a few weeks before you even go on a first date with him. Who knows, it could be fun!

You assume all the best ones are already taken
One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, so don’t give up on the whole male population – your future boyfriend is definitely there somewhere, you just have to be open to the possibilities. Once you acknowledge that some men are actually worth your attention, communicating with them will become much more pleasant.

You pick the wrong guys
Sometimes we’re so desperate to get into any relationships at all that we end up picking men that are totally unsuitable for that. Whether it is because of our loneliness or the subconscious fear to get into serious relationships, we often neglect common sense as well as the voice of intuition. Our advice: if you’re single and desperately want a boyfriend, it’s a sure sign you need to spend some time alone with yourself and figure things out. Otherwise you might get stuck with a man that’ll only make you miserable!

You simply don’t date
Yes, we know, it’s so exciting to spend your whole weekend binge-watching the new season of The Best Show Ever, but maybe it’s time you went out there and communicated with someone other than Netflix? Well, don’t get us wrong, Netflix is amazing, but so are real people that, you know, actually talk back to you. Find time to go out with someone other than friends and you’ll be surprised how fun it can be.

You don’t look after yourself
Looking after yourself should never depend on whether you are in a relationship or not, but for some women these things are directly connected. It doesn’t really matter what other people think – you have to be gorgeous, healthy, and fit for yourself and not for somebody else. Love yourself, take care of your body, and you’ll become confident and as a result more attractive for the opposite sex as well.

You use work as an excuse
There’s nothing wrong with being a career woman, especially when you’re good at it, but many ladies still use work as an excuse to avoid dating and, well, love in general. It’s an easy escape after a bad breakup or a first date gone wrong – you just dive into work and forget about all other things. In the end, you may become the most successful woman in the world, but the loneliness will still be there. Remember that love matters, too!

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