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I did not make my money through politics – Okorocha

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Rochas Okorocha

The Senator representing Imo West Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Rochas Okorocha, said he only joined politics to serve and did not make his money through politics.

Okorocha said this on Monday in Abuja at a World Press Conference where he officially declared his intention to run for the Office of President after it was made public on the floor of the Senate last week.

Okorocha, at the press conference, highlighted education, security, youths and women empowerment, economic revitalization, unity, and poverty eradication as parts of the cardinals of his policies, when elected the President of Nigeria.

The former Imo state governor said he contested for President of Nigeria 20 years ago, in 2007 and also in 2014, adding that he was not too old to run and he joined the 2023 race for what he could offer.

He said: “I’m not too young to run and I’m not too old to run. I’m the bridge between the youth and elders. I’m just 59 years old.

“I’m not in politics for what I can gain, I’m in politics for what I can offer. I did not make my money through politics. If you are in doubt, go and ask the Code of Conduct Bureau, I was already made before becoming the Governor of Imo State. If there is anyone who was like me before venturing into politics, let the person come out and speak”.

He stressed that the nation needed a man who could encourage the youth to be self-employed and bring them out of poverty, adding that, the notion that Nigeria was the poverty capital of the world was untrue.

“The days of monkey dey work, baboon dey chop must stop in Nigeria. I introduced the ‘Youth Must Work Initiative’ in Imo State and it worked.

“The era of a young Chinese man would be producing toothpicks and other items for my Nigerian youths on the street to consume shall be over.

“Under my government, employment shall be an ephemeral thing, what we shall have will be youths who are self-employed, because we shall cause the youths to identify and explore their innate talents”, Okorocha added.

He stressed that “the mood of the nation now suggests that it needs a leader who is compassionate and who can listen to the cries of orphans, widows and the downtrodden.

“The problem of Nigeria is that, if there is a problem of N1bn to solve, Nigeria has only N10,000 to solve it. The country needs a radicalized businessman who can turn nothing into something.

“What do you say of a Policeman whose salary is N50,000 and he goes to buy a bag of rice for N30,000 to feed about 7 children?”

On zoning, Okorocha said: “I hear people talking about zoning, I’m not a candidate of zoning, I am a candidate of justice. Maybe the South-East has not been able to present their matter very well before the rest of Nigerians.

“I appeal to my party – APC, to allow a level-playing ground. And the South-East must know that power is not given, it is taken. You must reach out to people who you want to vote for you. But let justice reign.”

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