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4 Major Reasons Why Some Men Don’t Last Long In Bed (Adult) +18

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Parts of the misconceptions from the beliefs of some men as to why they are inactive in bed are based on the following:

(i) That the woman has used ‘juju’ (diabolical power) on them. This is common to a man who is just meeting with a lover for the first time or who only meets with her based on a particular level of agreement.

(ii) That they must always need an enhancer before they would be able to perform. Note, this is not always the case, as most enhancers may not even work unless the main issue is dealt with.

(iii) That they are aged. But there are 70-80 years old men who are still very active with their wives in bed.

  1. Fear\ Anxiety

The major causes of men’s inability to perform well in bed either with a lover or wife, from research are as follows.

Both psychology journals and religious documents have described fear and anxiety as silent killers.

If a man, for example, is afraid of the unknown or is worried over certain incidents, there is a tendency that his performance level could be affected as well.

Some men are even afraid or worry whether they would be able to satisfy their partners or not.

Note, having a good or poor performance during intimacy has a direct connection with what goes on in the mind. In a nutshell, the situation is rather more psychological than physical or biological.

  1. Stress

Stress is another dangerous factor that can debar a man from performing well or lasting long during intimacy. There is less to what a weakened or strained muscle can do compared with a well-relaxed muscle.

  1. Poor nutrition

Can you imagine what will happen to a car that has not enough petrol or incomplete fuel mixtures? I mean engine oil with petrol but no brake oil or any of the supposed combinations just missing? We are likely to see a vehicle that won’t travel a far distance before it stops.

Nuts, vegetables, fruits and a good balanced diet is useful to keep the body active while junk and anyhow food will do great damage to the body system and make It less active.

As a man, you’re likely not to last long if you don’t feed on foods that help supply your body with ions and vitamins, which in turn boost your immune system.

  1. Irregular or no exercises

When blood does not circulate in your body, the hormones responsible for you being active will also not be transported to where they are needed at a particular time when they are needed. These are as a result of exercises.

Aside from the fact that exercise helps the easy flow of blood around the system, it helps to remove toxic or harmful materials from the body and also helps to build the muscles, thereby making us more active.

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