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Wife of police officer who died in former Ogun governor’s house speak react to her husband death.

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The wife of a police officer who died at the home of the former Ogun State governor, Gbenga Daniel, has said the family does not believe the official account of how he died. 

Sergeant Adeleke Ogunsola, died at the Sagamu home of Gbenga Daniel after the former governor’s driver allegedly hit him while he was trying to open the gate. 

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The deceased with one of his two wives 

Speaking to Premium Times, Mrs Abosede Ogunsola, said the family also rejected a N1 million offered them.

Mrs Ogunsola said that both the police and Mr Daniel’s aides informed her that the death was as a result of an iron mistakenly hitting her husband in the chest.

She, however, said the mark she saw on her husband’s corpse at the mortuary could not have killed him.

She added that the family is already making arrangements to conduct an autopsy on the body.

“When we got to the mortuary we insisted on seeing his corpse. We saw a wound on his chest and we do not believe that injury could have killed my husband. But we are sure of something, whatever is hidden to men is clear to God. Again, we do not accept that it was that wound on his chest that killed him.” 

Mrs Ogunsola said after the incident, the family was offered N1 million. She did not specify who ‘offered’ the N1 million or what it was for.

She said although the deceased had two wives and three children, he never allowed any of his wives to fend for the family.

“Since this happened, it was yesterday (Monday) that they came to see us and they tendered N1 million to us. They didn’t give that money to us in our house, but few minutes after they left, it was the DPO that called us to say that they brought the sum of N1 million.

“My brother-in-law then asked what the money was for? Is it to send the children to school or to establish his wives?

“My husband’s elder brother had said, if they are not ready to say something tangible, we would leave the corpse at the mortuary, we have started discussing about the autopsy but we are not done, when we decide on that we will let you know.”

A source, who preferred not to be named because he was not authorised to speak about the incident, told PREMIUM TIMES that the police initially started investigating a murder case but was later compelled to change the case to a case of ‘death in active service’.

“It has always been issues about who opens the gate. The story they gave is not true. We were not there when the incident happened but people that were present told us that it is not an accident,” the source said.

“Later, when the driver was arrested and taken to the police station, the IPO in charge of the case knew that it was a case of murder and was already preparing the case of murder for discrete investigation before we learnt that the police authority in the state instructed that the case should be changed to a case of death in the cause of active service.

“This man is a friend of mine and very gentle and easy-going as well. We have also learnt that the people of the former governor are already negotiating for settlement, the question now is that, why settlement if they do not have anything in their cupboard?”

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