Tuesday, January 31

Western Ukrainian border remains stable, according to Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs

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At Ukraine’s western border, the situation at checkpoints remains stable, though there is an increase in traffic, according to a new statement from Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

The statement also said:

“It should be noted that currently there are no restrictions on the departure of Ukrainian citizens abroad, except as provided by law. Admission operations are carried out rhythmically. No conflict situations arose. In some places, there are technical delays in the work of Border Guard Services databases, customs, as well as on the adjacent side.”

“On the territory of Ukraine, all services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in martial law ensure law and order, provide assistance to injured, eliminate destruction and fires,” it added.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky introduced martial law as Russia launched a large-scale military invasion on the country.

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