Tuesday, January 31

Poland calls for more sanctions on Russia after “barbaric” attack on maternity and children’s hospital

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Polish President Andrzej Duda has called a Russian strike on a Ukrainian maternity and children’s hospital an “act of barbarity and genocide” and called for further sanctions against Moscow.

Speaking in Warsaw following a bilateral meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris, Duda thanked the US for imposing sanctions on Russia, calling it a “vanguard” while also urging for more help for Ukraine from the international community.

“We need to take a tough stance as representatives of the free world,” he said, adding that “we have to rescue Ukraine,” and calling for an “all hands onboard” approach.

“Ukraine needs to be helped, and we have to stay united in that respect,” he said.
Regarding the US rejection of a Polish plan to send Soviet-era fighter jets to Ukraine by way of a US-NATO air base in Germany, he said Poland had been ready to supply the fighter jets to Ukraine but wanted it to be a common decision made by NATO. “We want Poland to remain a credible member of NATO,” he said.

More than 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees have entered Poland, Duda said, adding that he was “proud” of how ordinary Polish families have received them in their “private homes.” None of the refugees are being housed in camps, he said.

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