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10 Great Players Who Did Not Win The UEFA Champions League

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Some players have been lucky enough to earn the most prestigious accolade in club football, while others have fallen short.

This is a list of the best players that were unable to win the UEFA Champions League.

  1. Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona was voted FIFA Player of the Century after winning all there was to win in football. Despite the fact that he played in the Champions League, he was never able to lead Napoli to victory.

  1. Ronaldo

Before retiring, Ronaldo stated that he would never give up until he had won the UEFA Champions League, as it was the only competition he had left to win. Despite repeated attempts with both Inter Milan and Real Madrid, he was unable to capture the prized title.

  1. Romario

In 1994, Romario was a member of the Barcelona side that lost 4-0 to AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League final. Despite winning the World Cup and being named World Footballer of the Year, he never came close to winning the Champions League again.

  1. Roberto Baggio

Baggio was named World and European Footballer of the Year after winning the Uefa Cup with Juventus in 1993. However, he was unable to win the world’s most prestigious club trophy.

  1. George Weah

George Weah has never won a major European continental trophy, let alone the Uefa Champions League. Aside from that, he is the only African to win World and European Footballer of the Year awards.

  1. Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti is one of the best players in the world. He realized his chances of winning major European trophies were slim while playing for AS Roma, but he refused to leave. Few players could match him on his day.

  1. Gabriel Batistuta:

Batistuta reminded me of Totti. He stayed with Fiorentina, despite the fact that he could have gone to any major team in Europe. He is still considered one of the best strikers of all time.

  1. Gianluigi Buffon

Almost every football fan wished for Buffon to win the one title he craved: the Uefa Champions League. Buffon had appeared in three finals but had never won one.

  1. Patrick Vieira:

Vieira won every major English trophy with Arsenal, but the Uefa Champions League eluded him. Then he moved to Juventus, where he waited until he retired.

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

When it comes to winning the Uefa Champions League, Zlatan seems to be one of the most unlucky players. Inter Milan was his home until 2009, when he went to Barcelona.

Both teams met in the semi-finals, and Barcelona fell to Inter. Inter Milan eventually won the competition.

He moved to AC Milan in 2010, and Barcelona won the UEFA Champions League the following season.

Although none of these players have ever won the UEFA Champions League, their accomplishments are undeniable.

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