Wednesday, February 8

I Am Grateful That God Allowed Me To Be Blind In My Old Age” Popular Nollywood Actor Fabian Adibe

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Fabian Adibe a popular Nollywood actor has said that he is grateful to God who allowed him to be blind in his old age. He said this during an interview with Punch where he shared the story of how he recently became blind

The veteran actor who starred as Ogbuefi Uzowulu in the blockbuster movie ‘Things Fall Apart’ revealed that he became completely blind in 2019 due to a disease known as glaucoma.

According to Fabian, he was in his house one day when it felt like something exploded in his eyes. He then hurriedly went to see an eye doctor who misdiagnosed his condition as a cataract and asked him to come back in six months for surgery

The actor said he didn’t undergo the surgery as his eyes were still good after the six months he was given, but a year after he visited the doctor who diagnosed his condition as a cataract, he decided to visit a bigger hospital.

The bigger hospital correctly diagnosed his condition as glaucoma and told him that the disease had already damaged his peripheral vision because he didn’t come early enough. His condition worsened until he eventually became completely blind.

The actor rounded up the interview by saying he is grateful to God for allowing him to be blind in his old age because the same God has allowed him to live a long and purposeful life.

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