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I didn’t know i was pregnant until the moment i gave birth in the middle of the night

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A mum claims she didn’t know she was pregnant until she woke up in the middle of the night, needing to go to the toilet, then gave birth.

Nicola Thomas, 36, who lives in Cardiff, Wales, had gone to bed after experiencing some discomfort but she thought it was her period, which she continued to have throughout her surprise pregnancy.

She took some paracetamol, continued with household chores, and put the children to bed before going to sleep herself, Wales Online reports.

But at around 3am on March 15, she was woken up by her three-year-old daughter Blayke needing to go to the bathroom. She too noticed she needed to go to the bathroom.

She said it was only when she started pushing where she was that she realised she was in labour.

She said: “I just put my hands down there and felt the baby’s head.”

Nicola then told her 3-year-old daughter Blayke to wake her 14-year-old daughter Ellis in order to help deliver the baby.

Nicola said: “She delivered the baby, checked the cord wasn’t wrapped around her neck. I’m hoping she’ll be a midwife now when she’s older.”

Nicola, her 14-year-old daughter, and her newborn

An ambulance immediately arrived at the home and paramedics were shocked by the surprise birth.

After a five-day stay in hospital, completing all necessary checks as Nicola hadn’t attended pre-natal scans, mother and baby returned home.

Nicola said: “I just had no idea. With the other two [pregnancies] I was so unwell – I had morning sickness, I was just sick so much with the first two, and this time nothing. It’s just nuts it is.

“I’m staying with my mum this week just getting used to it, having a three-year-old going back and forth to nursery as well.”

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