Monday, February 6

Cost of living rising not only in Nigeria – Fashola

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Cost of living rising not only in Nigeria – Fashola

The Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola has defended the rising cost of living in Nigeria and worsening economic indicators.

In an interview on Channels Television, Fashola who was confronted with a chart showing indices such as a 220 percent increase in fertiliser prices between 2020 and 2022, decline of the naira’s value by 59.45 percent, and rise in the cost of cooking gas by 129 percent within the same time period, stated that the cost of living is not only rising in Nigeria but across the world.

He said;

“I think it is perhaps not helpful to publish that spreadsheet in isolation. What you should do is to compare it with the rest of the world. Tell me anywhere in the world where the cost of living is not rising, whether it is UK, US.

“Just three days ago, CNN was showing a footage of Americans stealing fuel and they would not be stealing it if it was cheap; these are very challenging times globally for the entire world.

“So this is not an isolated occurrence that affects Nigeria only.”

Fashola also insisted that the Nigerian government is responding to the economic challenges. He added;

“When Covid happened, we responded and put up an economic sustainability committee, and we cushioned the impact of the difficult times on Nigeria through a suite of measures. And the impact and result is now there for us to see.”

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